Block Class Attribute Does Not Update in WP Admin

When adding the class attribute to the outermost div of the block in PG the classes properly update in the WP admin. However, if I use the class attribute on a div that is nested inside the outermost div (for example a column div inside the row) then the class does update on the front end but you cannot see the update in the admin area.

This can be confusing for users who don’t realize that their update will work on the frontend even though they can’t see the update in the WP admin.

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Hello, after further testing it seems that the issues in not with where the attribute is nested but rather with having the attribute assigned to the same block as “Block Inner Content” or to a div inside it. I moved my class attributes to a div above the “Block Inner Content” and now they properly update in the WP admin area.

I’m not able to add classes directly to the “Block Inner Content” container (and have them show in WP admin) which is stopping me from using BS class b/c they must be applied directly to the container they are modifying.

Thanks @jonroc! Looks like I managed to get block attributes to work ok on the inner content. The change will be out in the next updates, next week.