Bootstrap Block Issu

Hi there, beginner here, and I’ve been pulling my hair out for hours not being able to figure out why some parts of my site won’t load after uploading the theme to WordPress. The cover image (with the laptop) and all three of those little circle images (including the description) don’t show up at all.

P.s. When I try to “test load” the site (ctrl+b) it loads all the images fine.

Pastebin of Image Links (because I can’t upload more than two currently):

Nothing is loading for me when I try those links, could you double check them?

Hey, I appreciate the reply! All the links work fine for me. Like I said I had to make it a pastebin link to the other links because my account is too new to post several links. I’d appreciate if you could try again and help me out! :slight_smile:

The issue is that the path that you are using to link to the image is wrong. Effectively its looking for the image here, e.g. and that don’t exist on your server. Try saving those images into an assets folder created inside your PG project folder. Then relink the images in you PG project to the versions saved inside the assets folder. After that try exporting to WP and replace the version with this newer one. Let me know if this solves the issue.