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Bourbon, Neat, Bitters and Refills


I am partial to the Bourbon family of CSS that includes Bourbon, Neat, Bitters and Refills and am wondering how to best integrate those into Pinegrow. Since all except Refills are pure CSS do I just include the CSS and call it a day or would creating some form of plugin offer any benefits?

And Refills, since those are prebuilt components I guess I could create components for Pinegrow. Only question is how? :slight_smile:


Not exactly brimming with activity in here is it? Doesn’t anyone have any pointers?


Yes, it is a bit quiet. I read your post with interest - and lack of experience in these things. but it sounded interesting and I was gonna say hell aye! develop a plugin! I’ll play with it in my amateur way if you need testing but… thought I’d wait until someone more knowledgeable gave you a decent reply…

Well! thats not happened so HI! And WELCOME to the Pinegrow forum.
I’m pretty sure your post has been read but it may be a bit too in depth for some to risk sticking their neck out on an reply, so HEY! lets get the ball rolling.

if you want to develop a plugin, there is some limited info on it, basically you are recommended to pull one of the existing plugins apart and see how it works and replicate it.

But, they work differently in Pinegrow 2.x, 3 and 4.x

so there you go, like you say, a little quiet, so thought I’d just reply.
welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying. Thing isn’t before I dive into the world of plugin development I’d like to find out if that even makes sense. Meaning since Bourbon is practically 100% SASS I’m not sure if there is anything to be gained by making it a plugin.

Also I didn’t find any documentation about creating components, which would be useful for turning the Refills into components.

But thanks for the warm welcome either way. :slight_smile:


yep, your welcome :slight_smile: and I was wondering if it would be worth the effort, as SASS is supported in Pinegrow anway…then thought I could be saying something silly (out of comfrot zone) but, I thought you could be some uber we programmer(anyone who uses sass is too me) and a plugin would be a breeze for you to create…so thought i’d just sit back and wait like a lazy consumer…maybe I wasn/t alone.
hence the wall of silence :smiley: