Cannot edit custom css file - Pinegrow 3.07


I wish this feature was a lot more simple to use. I have been scratching my head for a good 30 minutes without luck.
I have opened my project and would like to edit my custom css on the file itself rather than using the pinegrow features on the right side of the panel.
I cannot seem o be able to open the css files like I do with the html files. I keep getting this message:

I tried to find a link called “STYLE” in the navbar menus, nothing…
Could the Pinegrow team make it a lot simpler by adding a right click and “edit css” on the file itself please?

Thank you.


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Hello Bennyboy,

Time for an upgrade :slight_smile:
What about checking the super helpful in-app help that we have added in Pinegrow 3.1?
There is a specific chapter about CSS and how to proceed.


Hi @Emmanuel,

As discussed here on the Slack Channel, in the Feature Requests section:

Will Pinegrow 3 regain the ability of CMD-E (Edit Code) that was present in Pinegrow 2 ? (HTML / CSS / JS)

Also FYI: I just noticed Pinegrow Version 2.951 is not stating version 3.1 is available, still says Pinegrow 3.07 on the welcome screen. At least for me when I grabbed the above screenshot.

Nice job with the in App help.


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Look for the sign <> top right - the editor isn’t perfect, but okay for minor changes - alternatively, use Atom with the Pinegrow package

Agreed - the CSS editing in the new version 3 is VERY frustrating to use compared with earlier versions. Non-intuitive to say the least. When everything else is such an improvement why drop the ball on such a basic feature?

If we are to rely on Atom to edit both HTML and CSS code it does seriously devalue Pinegrow as an integrated product.

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I have to agree on this, the css editing is so frustrating that I had to stop using the app as I am using less time to code with a basic editor but then again if you have to use a secondary software to edit a major part of websites(css), there is no points in using Pinegrow 3 anymore…


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