Cannot select group of text when errors occur in editor

if I edit code and create an error (intentionally, of course) I’m no longer able to select a group of text either with my mouse or using shift. (On Mac).

In the below gif you can see i’m trying to select text with my mouse and then holding shift and pressing the left arrow.

Hi @fakesamgregory,
Thanks for the report. I’m having a hard time replicating your error. I think that if you only see the orange bar at the bottom you have one level of error. If your code turns red as well, then you have two levels of error (multiple tags unclosed). But even so, I can still do all of the normal selection and autocorrection. I’ll keep trying to replicate, but it may be a glitch error that won’t repeat (that often).
I overlooked the fact that you are in the Code panel for editing. I does indeed act differently there versus in the whole page code editor below the Page View. Thanks.
Sorry for the inconvenience,

Thanks @RobM. Glad we got there. Hope the issue gets resolved.

Thanks @fakesamgregory, this will be fixed in the next release.

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Great stuff. Thanks @matjaz

Had this problem several times too, thanks for reporting :slight_smile: