Editing of styles in code editor not working

If I open the dialog via “edit code” I can’t type inside the editor.
I have recorded that issue:

EDIT: I can’t edit the text in the code editor after “reval in code” too.
The style rule is not locked.


@Jugibur which browser are you using? We had troubles with the code editor in Safari, but updating Monaco (the editor used in PG) fixed that.

I’m using Firefox most of the time. But I must mention that in the subsequent tutorials, there were no more problems until the end. But I played around a bit in Pinegrow in the meantime, possibly that’s why I triggered this error.
I will continue to monitor it, however I can’t currently get into the backend as there is an error with ‘Warning: require_once(inc/wp_pg_helpers.php): Failed to open stream: …’’
I will open a new post about this.

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