Can't get Webflow Menu assigned with "wp_nav_menu" -solved

Hi there,

i try to build a wp theme from a webflow export. Please have a look at:

I tried to assign the “Nav menu Element” (wp_nav_menu) to the nav-tag in my code with smart walker. This is how the php looks:

    PG_Smart_Walker_Nav_Menu::$options['template'] = '<a class="navigation-link w-nav-link {CLASSES}" id="{ID}" {ATTRS}>{TITLE}</a>';
    PG_Smart_Walker_Nav_Menu::$options['current_class'] = 'w-current';
    wp_nav_menu( array(
        'menu' => 'test',
        'container' => '',
        'items_wrap' => '<nav class="navigation-menu w-nav-menu %2$s" role="navigation" id="%1$s">%3$s</nav>',
        'walker' => new PG_Smart_Walker_Nav_Menu()
) ); ?>

<!-- Functions.php section Include Resources -->
require_once "inc/wp_smart_navwalker.php";

But: This immediately broke my page. Someone any idea?

Ok guys,

i don’t now why but it works now… i just changed the order of the classes in the php file.

Instead of “navigation-link w-nav-link” its " w-nav-link navigation-link" now… don’t know if that was the reason or just an odd coincidence.