Wp_nav_menu() after not outside the link, link_after not shown

Hey guys,

I am stumbling over a problem, which I am not sure, why it is not working. I am using Pinegrow WP Pro and try to use the wp_nav_menu Wordpress action with a custom “after” declared. My problem is, that it the <‘span’>, that I try to put after the <‘a’> is shown inside the anchor tag. Tried the “link_after” which results in nothing. Is it somehow mixedup?

Am I doing something wrong, or is it really not working as I expect it?

Hopefully you could help me! Thanks in advance, cheers

Hey, found the problem. I was using the wp_nav_menu action on a single <'a> Tag. As it seems, this breaks the smart nav walker. I don’t know if this is the desired behaviour, or not? Now i changed my markup on the element to ul>li>a and now it works.

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