Checkbox for enable/disable captcha for smart form in customizer

It would be nice to have a checkbox to enable and disable captchas in the customizer maybe above the api keys so my clients can choose to use captcha without me having to edit the code to enable and disable it.

Can you give a little more context? What captcha? The WordPress customizer? Slightly confused.
EDIT: Ahh… I see from your next post that you mean the smart form. Gotcha.

I had it in the title lol , but i guess i should have added it in the description as well :slight_smile:

One additional thing on this , it would also be nice to have a bit more control on where the captcha button/checkbox is added.Now it’s added under my form and it would be nice to be able to add it inside my form like under my submit button or even better drag it to where the captcha checkbox comes just like a normal button.