Child Selector Not Updating in Tailwind

  • Pingrow Live
  • Internal JIT compiler 3.0.12

Attempting to use a child selector but PG does not update the view: [&>a]:p-32

<li class="[&>a]:p-32"><a class="bg-gray-200 block hover:bg-gray-400 px-4 py-2 w-max" href="#">I should have 32 Padding</a>

In the UI PG recognizes it as a TW teal class but it does not display the results in the page view.

When I export the theme to WordPress thing break even further. The closing double quotes for the class output an opening quotation mark after the p-32 which breaks the a tag:

<li class="[&>a]:p-32 “><a class=" bg-gray-200="" block="" hover:bg-gray-400="" px-4="" py-2="" w-max"="" href="#">One Is Interesting But

I think the ampersand is getting converted to &amp;

I’m really excited about Tailwind and look forward to when it’s fully functional in PG so I can use it :star_struck: