Clicking "Update whole the project" button cause unchanged files to be marked as changed

I’m not ruling out that I did something stupid, but …

Do the following:

  1. open a project
  2. open any page
  3. don’t do anything - don’t change anything
  4. open the components menu and click on the “update the whole project” command
  5. some (but not all) files get marked with an “asterisk” (*), which indicates there have been changes made to a file and the file needs to be saved.

Now open one of the files marked with an asterisk in the editor, and then close the file without making any changes to it. You will get a warning asking you if you want to save your changes. Click on “don’t save”.

Now quit Pinegrow. Although there are many files marked with an asterisk, you can quit the app without getting any warnings asking you to save your files.

Really? Watch the video …