Pinegrow version 6.1 'Update the whole project' feature is broken


In the new edition of Pinegrow (Version 6.1 - July 29, 2021), the ‘Compontents > Update the whole project’ feature consistently throws an error message on multiple PG projects I tried. It seems like a bug introduced in PG version 6.1, as up to version 6.0 the feature perfectly works. Temporarily downgrading to 6.0 resolves the issue.

The error message, that appears within a popup, looks like this:

Status report

The following happened during processing:

File                 | Messages
example\index.html   | TypeError: this.shouldHaveId is not a function
example-2\index.html | TypeError: this.shouldHaveId is not a function

Please register this as a bug report. I look forward to be able using the most up-to-date version of Pinegrow on my projects again.

Thank you in advance,
Márton Lente

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Hi @martonlente,
Thanks for your report. We are looking into the problem.

I also can’t “Update and discard” on update when master page and child page have different editable areas.

But I love the new Icons for non-Bootstrap projects!

Thanks for the info.

@Riccarcharias thanks for the bug report. It is fixed now and pushed out through our server. Just restart Pinegrow to get it. Please note that internet connection is required to receive live fixes.


That was fast, wow. I’ll install PG 6.1 again and try it out.

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@matjaz Everything works fine for me. Thank you! I can now enjoy the new SVG Icons :blush:



Thanks @matjaz , and @RobM for the fix: I can confirm, the bug in subject is resolved now.

Kind regards,
Márton Lente


@matjaz thanks very much for the fix. Does the “live fix” feature work on Linux? Does “live fix” mean it is not necessary to reinstall the program to get the fix?

Thanks for an absolutely wonderful program!

@lstandish yes, it works on Linux and no need to reinstall. The fix will also be incorporated in the next release.

Happy to hear you are enjoying PG :slight_smile: