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I had recently posted the following thread, regarding Components and Blocks Automation

@matjaz responded initially (very much appreciated) and “tagged it as a feature request”.
But I wanted to post an Official Feature Request as well as expand upon the idea further.

I have lately been thinking about it further and wanted to express the following:

  1. Automation - Already talked about in the previous linked thread above
  2. Library - So they can be used application wide across projects not just in one project more easily
  3. Shareable Repository - Ability to search, share, install amongst users within the community
  4. More Standard Built in Components - Would be useful as well, in addition to the above 3 thoughts.

A good example of this is how Bootstrap Studio handles these things.

In addition to the automated approach of handling resources, the ability to have a component library accessible ‘application wide’ across all projects within the app makes development a lot more easily automated for repetitive tasks, rapid development or initial project scaffolding before further customization. The ability to share components, blocks, etc., via a searchable repository allows for the community to get involved and assist each other in sharing resources and meeting these objectives.

Again, I think Bootstrap Studio does a nice job of these things as it continues to develop rapidly, recently they began adding “Built-in-Components” and seem committed to continuing to expand this library. It’s not as feature rich as Pinegrow Pro is overall, but these features really standout given the cost difference ($25 vs $99) of the two apps.

I think Pinegrow Pro and it’s users could really benefit from similar features. I hope moving forward Pinegrow Pro will consider these things. As a side note, I also hope that in general the Pinegrow Pro version will get as much love as the Wordpress version seems to be getting lately (docs, features, general overall attention). :wink:

Thanks for taking time to review this feature request and idea(s), keep up the great work Pinegrow Team. I’m looking forward to any feedback the Pinegrow Team may have to offer here or from the community in general, thanks everyone.

Looking forward to additional updates, features and Version 3 when it arrives.


As I mentioned on another post, if they improve the smart component feature, I will upgrade, $50 is nothing, yet bootstrap studio is extremely powerful for creating your own bootstrap websites, using smart components, plus it makes a breeze of importing bootstrap snippets (with js/css).

I have a ton of components saved in bootstrap studio, I then export that file, open in Pinegrow, this allows me to make use of the user friendly interface (of pinegrow) for editing.

if you combine bootstrap studio with pinegrow, you have the ultimate bootstrap development tool, this is why I hope Pinegrow improve their smart components feature.

Maybe they should join forces? …no? ok forget that :grin:

Just wanted to add the following:

@jack 's (formerly Jaffy) idea / comment is good as well:

I hope overall these ideas presented and mentioned above will be given serious consideration. They would dramatically help users of both the Pro and WP editions, in many areas of workflow automation and productivity.

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I should add PG user that I’m aware of the plug-in currently being developed by Leo

So if i’m reading that thread correctly, I could save all my blocks within one template, purchase his plug-in (when it becomes available) and then add my template of blocks to any website?

However as great as that plug-in looks, I would like to see some of the features mentioned, as at times I find adding multiple libraries/projects cumbersome, and that is the only aspect of PInegrow I feel needs improvement.


I don’t really understand fully where that component by @leo fits in, especially when he stated the following:

Regardless, I would much rather see and advocate for a comprehensive advancement in all areas mentioned above, directly thought out, planned and built into the app by the Pinegrow team.

Agreed. That’s why advancements in these areas would be tremendous for PRO and WP users.

" Yes if you can do easy by yourself, Then you don’t need any plugin " <<< this one was for @Jack that if you can create or build components easily then you don’t need plugin,

lets take an example here you have designed a template, it takes you around 1 or 2 days to design a complete page template, now you want to use it in another project so you have to copy/paste every time you use them in new project, so what my plugin do is you just add your blocks ( HTML to HTML / CSS to CSS / JS to JS ) and give them a proper name then you don’t need to do copy/paste again HTML/CSS/JS to new project just load plugin drag and drop the blocks you need , all CSS/JS/HTML automatically be added in tree.

Just take the example of Bootstrap Blocks and Bootstrap Blocks for WP , although I did not built for WP, only for HTML

I am sure this make sense to you.

Thank You!

@itsmeleo I think that is a very good explanation of how it works and I can see how it would save a lot of effort but users.

@rob, I would agree that is a good explanation and further discription of @itsmeleo 's forthcoming plugin.

But I would not want it to diminish the value of having better inherent features in the app for Pinegrow’s broader audience of users, regardless of the ability to purchase a 3rd party add-on. I think such features have merit and value to all users PRO and WP, concerning the above thoughts discussed and in the original thread that was linked to.

I remain optimistic that the Pinegrow team can see the value and benefit to improve and expand the feature set in these areas.

What I hope, is when I actually set-up as a freelance designer, I want to have over 100 Blocks, all designed for different businesses, different layouts but because I’ve built these blocks, I can drop into page:

3 blocks from a hotel website

3 blocks from a fitness website

3 blocks from a motoring website

Each page will look a complete mess, none of the blocks will flow but all the hard work has been done and it’s just a case of amending the blocks to flow and the website will look custom made.

Currently I can do that within Bootstrap Studio, I can save 100+ blocks into a user library - create a new page and just drop them in. one after another - that is the only feature I need in Pinegrow and I know I’ve already mentioned this, but if the developers are watching (I’m sure they are) it would be fantastic to have such a feature in Pinegrow.

Going back to the original thought…

To me #1 & #2 , are no brainers for “Pinegrow Pro” and “Pinegrow WordPress”, to enhance the app and workflow for developers. Those features merits, speak clearly for themselves concerning value to the app and the end user.

Number #4, was merely suggested to cater more to new users whom may chose this feature of Pinegrow, for the sole reason of an easy starting point and entry into using Prinegrow. Perhaps for those whom are not solidly familiar with web development but it would offer a quicker starting point to those potential users. It would be a clear selling point for new users, and those switching from the plethora of varying level of apps available, both desktop and cloud solutions. However if #3 was successfully community driven, then #4 would perhaps not be as important or even needed as long as the quality of shared components/blocks met a certain standard. It too could entice would be users in the vain of all the cloud based apps and other solutions of drag and drop that allow non technical folks to plow their way to a website, but also capture a user base that can then better ease their way into the Pinegrow family of products.

All four have their selling points, but to me #1 & #2 are clear no brainers for the app with “Pinegrow Pro” and “Pinegrow WordPress”. With #3 perhaps being more of a extended feature that could come further down the road if necessary, and #4 is then debatable if #3 is in place.

Sorry just talking aloud here.

I really desire for the automation and workflow improvements that would enhance the app further (much like an improved UI/UX, etc.) for users. But also feel there is opportunity for such things to dramatically increase the Pinegrow bottomline by adding greater value to a broader base.

For me personally #1 & #2 would be enough, but with each fashioned in a way for optimal productivity and workflow optimization. I would think most “Pinegrow Pro” and “Pinegrow WordPress” users would feel the same if such improved solutions were provided.

Ok, I am done, this thread can sink into the abyss of the forum ;-). I will thusly wait for the release of Pinegrow Version 3 as well as the launch of Leo’s plugin and see where things end up, with each. However, no offense too Leo intended, but to me that plugin workflow (based upon the Youtube video) is not fully optimal for the app or end user. I feel this entire ideal could be integrated and so much more easily accomplished as a built full feature and native to the app. Perhaps I don’t fully understand the capabilities of Pinegrow, but that’s not how I really envision things concerning a library.

Maybe others will chime in during the meantime (before v3), but the forum does not seem overly active, everyone on #slack instead?

Thanks for giving consideration to these ideas, keep up the great work @matjaz & the Pinegrow team.

Thanks again,


Thanks @Pinegrow_User!

Don’t worry, your suggestions will not sink into a deep dark abyss of the forum :slight_smile:

Keep It Live Here, Trust It Matjaz.

Hi @matjaz

1+ year later, congratulations on Pinegrow 3 / 4 and upward improvements and updates, well done.

I am however, still highly interested in a more #1 Automated process, etc. If needed to assist with this, there are various open source libraries for getting used or removing unused Javascript and CSS resources etc., to aid in this process within the app.

I waited patiently for a year to in-fact bring this back from the deep dark abyss. I wanted to wait until the major release was complete, so not to bother dev. As mentioned previously I think this suggestion seems doable and would greatly increase the efficiency of the workflow in Pinegrow and its users.

Thanks for your time and consideration.