Contact bootstrap block how to?

Hi id like to know if contact block is working as is how to set it up.

When you put the form on the page check the code. In the form code it will have a method=“post” and an action="???" check the action code, it usually links to a file that processes the form. i.e. contact.php. Open this file and change any applicable options, like the $from, $sendTo etc.
Usually these are filled with default information so follow their example when you are changing the variables.
You will need the put the files on an active server to test them. Send the form to yourself, if it comes thru to your email, you’re golden. If not check your files or contact your host to make sure the smtp setting and the ability to handle the mail sending is configured properly with them.

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I have all the setting setup now on contact.php.

If i understood it base on research, php server needs to be running before this contact script will run?

Any other setting i need to specifically turn on
for example in aws?