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Creating Own Blocks


I’ve watched the Create Blocks videos but I’m still not having a lot of success creating my on kit.

I have a common BS theme I typically use to start projects. I’d like to take this theme and break it up into sections and components that I can then pull in to create pages/templates.

So my first 2 questions:

  1. I check the ‘use photo only for preview’ but I’m not sure how to actually take the photo and have it appear on hover.

  2. When I pull the component into a new part of the page, not all styling goes with it (images). I’m not sure what step I’m missing.

I really seem to need a very detailed walk-through on creating my own blocks as the current instructions are either missing steps or I else I just don’t get it.




Have a look at this part of the documentation:


I know this reply is rather late, but best practice is download the Pinegrow example at the beginning of the tutorial and follow it step by step instead of working with an existing website you have.

I think the creator of Pinegrow is brilliant. Having worked with ASP and PHP include files and libraries in Dreamweaver and other programs, this program is second to none once you understand how to build the sections, blocks and then the master page.

I know of no other program like Pinegrow that lets you build these with ease and gives you a WYSIWYG along with the tree and visual to do so. The videos within the tutorial are extensive and the main thread throughout is using consistent “best practices.” Well done and well worth the time to put in going through the tutorial.


Pinegrow in a brilliant piece of software, but I find the documentation to be lacking. There is a mixture of old and new documentation on their website, much of which only makes sense if you’re using an older (pre-version 4.0) version of the program, but not if you’re using the latest program.

Releasing software, no matter how brilliant, without thorough, CURRENT documentation for everything is very frustrating.

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