Debugging javascript code within Pinegrow

Has anyone figured out how to debug calls to external JavaScript code within Pinegrow? I have external .js files that are called from html and I need to set breakpoints, debug etc…

I really don’t want to go back to using Visual Studio / Mono, but I may have to as debugging JavaScript with alert() and writing to logs is very time consuming.

Hi @dTimony,

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What about using Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari that you use as a browser anyway?
Chrome Developer Tools
Mozzila Debugging
Safari Tools
Edge Tools

There are plenty of tutorials about this subject on YouTube.



Hi @dTimony welcome to the forum.

You can also use the Dev Tools via the apps embedded browser.

The old way used to be accessed via File > Developer Tools: (was removed for whatever reason)

But you can still access it by, Right Clicking the Logo > Inspect


Of course you will also see everything related to the app itself, however its an option if you prefer.

Great feedback guys, thanks very much for responding. I’m now using Chrome to debug my JS, works perfect, exactly what I was looking for.

Ok, hate to come across as a novice, but, I am to Unix. How do I get Pinegrow to stop defaulting to SeaMonkey and get it to default to Chrome?

Hi, I’m guessing that in Chromes own preferences, there is a setting to set it as the default browser, and then, PG just opens the default browser, which currently isnt Chrome- or likewise, there is a setting in SM, which checks to see if it is the Default, so deselect this…buuut, this is Unix!
So i’m not sure if that fine OS would let a mere App make this choice!
But have a look anyway.