Devices different on Windows version then on Mac


Thanks for updating the devices list! :heart_eyes: Never encountered a company that listens that much to their users!

On Mac you see the updated devices menu as a submenu, but when I open it in Windows 10 there is no submenu devices are missing and there are duplicates in the list compare to the Mac version.



On Windows it looks like this:

This is definitely a break in the space-time continuum :wink:

More seriously, we made some last minute changes and I recommend you to download the setup again and install it on top of the previous one.

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Are you sure the other version is online? Get the same devices list!

For me the same, online seems not the correct/newer installer file (for windows)!

The current/wrong online WIN installer SHA1 signature is : cd5af8c03dbf7c3bcea27c4e897fc630483281b6

After this is corrected by them, you can validate the SHA1 signature (provided on the PG site), to see if you got the correct installer.


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The one that ends with cd4 is also wrong.

Might be some weird CDN caching issue. I changed the name of Win install file. Please reload and click on Download link again. The file name is PinegrowWinInstaller.5.93.2.exe.

Yes now I have the proper version. The other version let my Virus Scanner go wild, but this one installed flawlessly!
Thanks for the quick fix!

The provided sha1 signature (e84095cdde0fcebb58e4f2dadb9ab6cc41861cd4) was and is still correct. The problem was the wrong installer file. When you validate the correct installer, you will see that it matches that signature.

@matjaz Thanks for the quick solution for the caching problem and for the new features in this update!