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Dropdown menu push content down with Header 1

Hi, with Header 1 block, how can I manage to make dropdown menu in Sw to push the content down? Thanks!

Hi @lja. Sorry just saw this now, I don’t know if I understand correctly what you are asking as I thought that was the default action on the drop down menu! See screenshots below but maybe I’m misunderstanding.

Hi Rob, thanks for your answer!
This is the default action with Header 3, but not with Header 1 in small view! The Header 1 hamburger menu does not push the content but slide down over content.
I’ve seen in the bootstrap doc that this behavior is controlled with the .navbar-static-top class, but adding this class to the nav element in Header 1 is not working (or i dont know how to do it!).
To get around, i started over from the bootstrap menu in navbar.html template instead of beginning with the Header 1 bloc.

@lja Sorry that was my mistake I didn’t even notice I’d used Header 3! Give me a few minutes and I’ll have a look.

@lja Have a look at this link, I think it is doing what you are looking for Push content down page when menu expands - header1

It is exactly this! Thank you very much for your help!