Dynamic content in block attribute possible?


Is it possible to load dynamic content in a block attribute?

I have this block attribute:

I want to load dynamic content in the Values box of the Select Control type. In this case i want to load a custom field that i created with Metabox. Or if created with ACF.

And what about loading categories from a certain post type for example?

It would be awesome to be able to load dynamic content there.



@Guido this is not possible at the moment. How often is this needed?

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Hi @matjaz

Ah oke that would have been awesome. If this was possible i would use it probably on all future projects.

If i just think of creating one dynamic block where the client can choose a certain post type and choose how many to show plus choose to filter by category or custom field that would be awesome.

For post type and how many we don’t need dynamic data but for category or custom field we do since they are able to add more categories or custom field options.

So just having the ability to add php code to the values box of a Select control Type would solve the issue and opens so much doors :wink:

To give you a better idea i have created a 4min video on how i am using it on the current project i am working on: https://www.berrycast.com/conversations/d78cf061-4afe-59bf-aba8-85b986cb3920


I was missing dynamic data in blocks also already. For data driven sites this would be very handy to have.

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