Edit a premade wordpress theme

Hi there, I’ve been given access to work on a wordpress website which is rather poorly made. It’s using a custom theme that I’d like to edit in Pinegrow. The theme was not made in Pinegrow and I only have access to the server files.

Thoughts on the best way to go about this? Will I just need to save the HTML and CSS to remake everything?

If this is too general a question, please let me know the specifics I should outline in order to get more constructive feedback!

This has been asked several times before, and I’d like to share one (internal) link, answering this at all:



So it will be a matter of saving the website and remaking the ~same theme through pinegrow, cheers.

The best place to find answers about WordPress themes creation with Pinegrow and/or Pinegrow Theme Converter is our FAQ:

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