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Help: Wordpress Template Import to Pinegrow

Hey there,

I just started using Pinegrow to edit a theme that I have bought from Envato Market. The Theme is not exactly what I wanted regarding the CSS and structure, so I wanted to give it a try with Pinegrow. Sadly I can only find tutorials of how to create a wordpress theme from scratch and upload it.

If you want to have a look, this is my site so far

I downloaded the whole folder with all template files from my server, and opened it as project inside of Pinegrow. It shows me a lot of text but not any preview of the page. index.php is empty and shows me that:

Basically this all looks kinda weird and I dont really know where to go, or whether I can really preview my content in Pinegrow? All the php pages look like that…

And I cannot find the index.html file anywhere. Do i need to download it from my page as preview? Or what do I have to do to edit my Theme in Pinegrow? This was the actual reason I bought the program…

Please help me! Thank you :head_bandage::heart:


Hi @phyjo. Unfortunately I think you’ve misunderstood the Wordpress abilities of Pinegrow. It can be used to convert HTML pages to Wordpress but doesn’t allow you to directly edit php files. What you could do is open the url for the site in Pinegrow and then create a child theme with the required changes.