Existing Google Fonts not available in Design tab

I added a few google fonts to my project by going to Page > Manage Google Fonts. They have been added to the html head and are available in CSS font-family dropdown.
Then later on, I wanted to apply them for all headings in the Design tab. But the font isn’t there in the drop down. So I go to Manage fonts > Add font > Google Fonts. But my font is already selected. Clicking on Add Selected Fonts does nothing.
If I unselect and reselect the font, it does get added, but then I think it gets duplicated because in CSS font-family dropdown, I get 2 entries for the same font: an extra one which says (design panel) at the end of font name.

Hi @Antzy,
For the moment, existing fonts aren’t available in the Design Panel. It is best to delete them from the page fonts manager and re-add them back in through the Design Panel.

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Thank you Rob. I followed your advice and all looks fine in the design.

Go back to the Form Designer under the Styles tab and make sure to paste the import code on top of all the existing CSS codes you may have.