Manage Google Fonts Issue

I am having a few issues with ‘Manage Google Fonts’. After importing a font in the panel and using it, the next time I see the manage google fonts panel as blank. It is not showing previously google imported fonts. Although the imported font is working fine in the page.

Then I manually started to look in the css and js files as to where the font-face and import/link of the font was declared. And to my amazement, I couldn’t find it anywhere, it wasn’t declared in the whole project. Although the custom font is running perfectly fine but I would like to know is where is the import/link to the google font declared, in which file (is it a css file or js file, this a pinegrow developer would be able to tell me. I am using Materialize Template. Thank you.

Ok I found out the issue. It was my mistake, Pinegrow does not manage google fonts at all, but just finds it and mentions to add the link code to the page. So the font wasn’t linked to any of the pages, but somehow weirdly was being displayed in my editor and browser. I think the Manage Google Fonts panel has bugs though I may be wrong. Thanks in advance.