Extra folders in my directory?

Any ideas why PG is making extra folders in my directory where the main file is located?
Screen Shot 2023-04-24 at 11.55.21 PM

@smgitner this is strange… Looks like % is recursively expanded to %25 each time. I can’t replicate this with a normal save operation. What are you doing in PG when this happens? Are you using any external editors?

I have not been able to duplicate it today. But I have a problem with the duplication of blocks on my server. I have made a blocks plugin for my theme. It seems every time you update the plugin on the server, and it duplicates teh entire category within the area of the blocks on WP.

I do not know if this is a PG thing or what. I have attached a screen recording. This project launches next Monday, and this is my first time using the PG blocks plugin in a production environment. My students have already entered their content. I am afraid to delete teh plugin and see what happens. I don’t want them to lose what they’ve done.

Alli could find was this from kadence blocks having the same problem but no real answer - Kadence Blocks display twice in block inserter | WordPress.org

@smgitner please send the source project and the exported project to support at pinegrow com and I will take a look.

I have the same problem in my new project, the name of these duplicate folders are from the old project

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doh. i could not get it to repeat.

@Den are you using VS Code PG plugin? Did you download the project from the PG WP Plugin version and then edited it in PG desktop?

yes, I use VS Code PG plugin but didn’t use PG WP Plugin
I sent the sources to support@pinegrow.com, maybe it will be useful

The problem happens when CSS files are located in sub folders that contain spaces. This is now fixed and will be out in the next release. The workaround for now is to use folders such as sub_folder, SubFolder instead of “sub folder”.