Not all js and css exported

Dear All;

Is there some limitation in the number of js and css to export to wordpress from PG?

After the export, my theme is broken.
I compared the html source used from PG to generate the WP theme, and the html generated by WP.

I noticed two missing stylesheets:

and one missing js:

Are those names reserved by WP? or is it a bug within PG?
How can I resolve this? Any ideas?



I think I know the problem.

Some of my css files have the same names (e.g. style.css), but are in different directories.
So the index.html, and Pinegrow editors are rendering it correctly.

However, Pinegrow WP seems to export only one css file per file name. So, if you have a css file having the same name in different directories, the export does not fully work.

I have now changed my style.css files with style-{upper directory name}.css, and I can export the theme without issue.

Can this be fixed in the next support release of Pinegrow WP? (assuming I am correct of course).

Thanks, L.

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sometimes I"inherit" other peoples creations and their directory structure is like this. Thanks for posting it here.

Me personally, I find it annoying when there is more than one .css file with the same name. Actually any type of file. I know that sometimes it makes sense to have have it that way, like an index.html file in different directories. but it can get confusing.