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Hey members.

I’m a beginner in pinegrow and i’m looking for a tip to add a favicon to my website. Do you have any ideas to do such a thing ? Thanks everybody

You can make a 16x16 .png and then use one of the following snippets between the <head> tags of your static HTML documents:

<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png" href="/favicon.png"/>
<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png" href="http://example.com/favicon.png"/>

To create the favicon you can use this online tool https://realfavicongenerator.net/

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I didn’t expect such a precise answer. Thanks. Enjoy your day

Just put the favicon file in the root folder of your site and make sure it’s named favicon.ico
Modern browsers know enough to load it without needing to add code to the page.
(Note: you can just change the .png extension to .ico)

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great! did not know that!

Thanks for the advice !

As long as people understand it is the Browser that is doing that and not any HTML rules and is dependent on browsers support which could change. Renaming an image file extension to ICO is not creating an icon file. If you were to load the image into a image display software it would give a mismatch name error and display the image in it’s original format PNG, JPG, GIF etc…

If you are looking to properly and I mean this in a strict html rules way of creating web pages, you should use the Link REL method above. Yes, just placing an ICO file in the web root of a web site should display it in the browser it is not guaranteed and each browser handles it differently especially pages loaded locally from a testing enviornment WAMP, MAMP, XAMP or whatever…

Yes, technically you are correct. But favicons have gotten out of control in recent years, and I really can’t be bothered with all this craziness which seems to change from one year to the next. I’ll settle for having a little 16px x 16px show up in the 4-5 major browsers.