How to I add my current website in Pinegrow?

How do I add my current website in Pinegrow? It is only inside my local computer.


Was your current website created in a program like Adobe Muse, WYSIWYG Web Builder, or some other site builder, or does it exist as standard HTML files with CSS stylesheet(s), Javascript, etc?

Pinegrow can not open proprietary formats like those created with a program like the one’s I mentioned above, but it can easily open, edit and save regular HTML files with stylesheets, etc. Basically, you just make sure your website is set up in a hierarchical folder structure, just as if it resided on a web server. Then, from Pinegrow, click on the “Open project” icon, navigate to the topmost folder where your website files reside, select that folder, and click “Ok.”

When Pinegrow opens, you should see in the first panel on the left a tab with an icon that looks like a folder. Click on this tab, and you should see your HTML files, and the folders for your stylesheets (typically named CSS), your javascript files (typically named js), your pictures and graphics (typically named images or img) and there will also be a file below your HTML files named pinegrow.json

To work on your site, you now just click on your HTML files, and they should open in the main window of the Pinegrow editor. When you’re done, you can save the individual page, or save all files, and your site will now be seen as a Pinegrow Project the next time you open it.

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