Foundation 6.4 XY grid support

Just downloaded the latest Pinegrow 4 and was disappointed to see no support for Foundation 6.4 and their XY grid. Can anyone tell me if Pinegrow 4 will be adding support for the latest Foundation 6.4 anytime soon.

According to comments on the Slack Channel, its still in the works and being added. One of the Pinegrow team members would need to add any further clarification concerning actual timeframe we can expect to see it.

Thanks for the heads up. I see 4.1 is out now and still no Foundation 6.4 but support for css grid is there. Hopefully Pinegrow team will have an update soon about when 6.4 will be included

@JonRimmer I second that we need Foundation latests’ as well, and please update Materialize CSS as well.