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CoffeeCup free CSS GRID learning tool - 2 free themes


Here you go, the first two themes are free

And here are some free themes, using Foundation 6 and are nicely explained too :slight_smile:

you can open up the demo versions in demo to play with the Foundations 6 elements
if you open the url

…but pinegrow shows it as having Foundation 5 not 6 elements in the library.
I have no Foundation experience, anyone like to shed any light on this?

If, however I use PG’s Manage Style Sheets option, it shows that it is Foundation 6.4.3 - thats fab!
I didnt realise PG could read the Minified style sheets and display them correctly. nice.

so if I disable foundation 5 in the library,
then enable 6.4, it asks about adding resources, I say yes, but I cant as… its a live url and not saved, which makes sense, but now,
It shows foundation 6.4 elements in the Library view.

would this be the correct way to play with a live few using different framework versions?

lets see who says what on this one :slight_smile:

And sorry if this post is a bit ramble, I have just been out hammock camping for the first time… in the rain.
I am a bit damp, frazzled, tired, but happy :slight_smile: