Freebie: Bundlestorm V2 from SharewareOnSale

Here is a bundle of goodies including backgrounds, Icons, Vectors and other goodies. I’ve created the direct links to download for you. This will probably be only be available for a little while so grab it while you can.


The download links for BundleStorm v2 are given to you above. The downloads are exclusive for SharewareOnsale. Download each file, unzip it, and simply start using the graphic assets (vectors, icons textures, stock photos, patterns, etc.)! There is no need to register anything. Enjoy!

Take note there are five files for this giveaway. You can download them all (each file contains different graphic assets) or you can download some of them; the choice is yours.

Be sure to leave a nice comment if you like this offer or ask for help if you have any trouble.

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Make sure to redeem this offer immediately and read the terms, conditions, and technical details for this giveaway on the product page.
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wow! thanks, thats a MASSIVE bundle of goodies! Im connected via my phone so just askd my mate to download them for me now. cheers! :slight_smile:

Cheers, my mate has just finished downloading it! took over 2 hours.
12.8GB of stuff there.

SO, there goes the next 3.7 years of my life wading through that lot and sorting it out.
Cheers :slight_smile:


Be well,


I’m just hoping it won’t turn out to be some douche who’s collected material without permission and then tried to first generate interest and then benefit from it’s prospective resale at what is confusingly listed at $149/yr.

How can you have subscription model based on such assets? Who’s the actual owner and developer of these resources and why would they give them away without any prospect of an enhanced upgrade or limited time-frame for updates as most SharewareOnSale offers tend to be?

Most of the stuff on sharewareonsale is crap or older versions that companies give away in the hope that they will hook you as a customer and buy and upgrade. Example, I recently grabbed an Ashampoo 2017 winoptimzer which works perfectly but of course there is a new version available if you want to upgrade. There is no need however. On the site there are ratings also, so when you see a poor rating you can skip it.

As far as worrying about the assets, I wouldn’t. There is honestly so much free stuff available on the web that you really don’t have to buy anything. Creative Market gives away six items every Monday for free from the authors who sell on their site. Graygrids also gives away templates and goodies.

Shareware onsale is no different than woot or fatwallet only for software.

Enjoy the goodies.

The only free stuff I touch these days, are open source products or stock photos to use as placeholder images and nothing against your post @vrooney , just everyone will end up stockpiling all these freebies and never use 99% of them!

Open source on the other hand, free, quality, trusted, useful!

Also with these freebies, if there is anything premium or top quality, it gets rinsed by the internet and every guy & girl around the globe has used the resources on their websites!

I would rather spend 10 minutes reading an article or guide here:

Then download any of these freebies and again @vrooney, am just saying!