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Pile of freebies - well, 2 month trials actually, some longer, but if you want to try this sort of thing out


just see if any of these are useful for you guys>

and @Farscaper, that convert kit email marketing thing, has shopify integration or something. not checked yet :slight_smile:


Love to hear about deals but even if I get a 180 day trial I find
that I either never get around to using it or fear putting too
much effort into setting it up and then being locked into keeping
it alive. Subscriptions are my Kryptonite.

  Sure, some programs and services are great and unavoidable, but

now I prefer to blow my money on AppSumo lifetime deals. Even if I
under-utilize them I’m only got $50 to spread out and justify over
my lifetime. Maybe not such a great deal for someone my age (only
60), but still.

  It seems I have 16 of their offerings now but have only touched

four. Some people have well over 50 so they must be better at
multi-tasking than I am. Ha.


ha! you have nnooooo idea how many online courses I have…to…do!

and yes, I don’t touch subscription things with a barge pole, but others do.
hence posting this here.
for others, not me :slight_smile:

…mmm about those courses… I really should…


Too many Udemy courses already? Well wait till you see what
has to offer.

  They somehow track all the discount codes for Udemy courses so

that you can get many more for free.

  I shall no doubt soon be an astrophysicist banjo-playing ballroom


  Just note that you can find the codes without clicking by rolling

your mouse over the Redeem button. Udemy has a “Using a Coupon”
link on their course info sign up section.

  I've popped in a dozen codes that have saved my hundreds on

courses I may never take. What a deal!


what… WHO … has to offer>


Link must have been scrubbed. udemycoupon dot learnviral dot com

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