General question about customizer field/section


I have a (hopefully) pretty basic question about Pinegrow. I am using the Theme converter to convert my Webflow website to wordpress.

Everything is going great so far. However, I am a bit confused that when add customizer fields or sections that these are displayed in the WP Customizer no matter which page I am on.

So for example, I have a home, about, contact and portfolio page. I thought that when I add customizer fields or sections to my about page, that these would only be displayed when I am on the About page. But instead, no matter what page I am on, I always see ALL customizer sections/fields I added to the entire website/theme.

Is that normal? I think it would be way more organized, if I would only see my about customizer fields/sections when I am on that About page and then only see my contact customizer fields when I am on that Contact Page. And so on.

Can anyone help me out here?