Customizer Field -smart with page template not showing in admin panel customizer

Hi there,
I have this weird issue when I use customizer field - smart in combination with define page template.
Have made a contact page as custom page template and am using customizer field smart and define customizer section with a name “Contact Page Content”.

However if I define the customizer section it does not show up in the admin panel and if I leave it blank without defining the customizer section it does show up in the admin panel with default section as name.

I also defined the customizer section on the index page with a custom name “Homepage Content” and that is working as it should.

It looks like something is wrong when using the customizer section with a page template.

PS: Managed to find a workaround with moving the define customizer section to a own container.

On my homepage I have the define customizer section on the same field as the “Site content field”

This does not work on my contact page template…

Hello. Did you try to find the solution in Google?

Find the solution in google?
I found a solution but not why pinegrow customizer section field needs to be in own container on a page template compared to the index page where I have it on the same place as site content.