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Happy New Year & Happy 5th Birthday!


Last year was a great Pinegrow year, and I’m pretty sure this year will also be fantastic with a lot of Pinegrow magic. Thank you Pinegrow team, and all the best wishes !!!
@matjaz @mhdaljuboori @earnoud

From one celebration to another, and a very nice one we can’t forget and need to give a little attention. I still got my Pinegrow Party Hat on, because I knew this day was coming…

Happy Birthday Pinegrow, with your 5th birthday today !!!



Thanks @Marf :slight_smile:

Keep your party hat on! Pinegrow will throw a celebration soon, as soon as 5.1 release is ready & polished.


Five years?
are you kidding me?

nah! it cant be surely.

I remember entering the Pinegrow Competition… this is my 3rd xmas here.
When I was doing the competition, it was before the first one. in a tiny room, with mould on the walls and rain coming in to the light switch through the ceiling that would electrocute you when you came home in the dark…

So surely this is the 3d… fourth. year?

mmmm not sure. I think that was on version 2.xx then…
I still have 1.27 or suchlike installed… wow So I’m not sure how long that was after 1.xx… maybe? really?
Five years


man…hasn’t my web …empire…reallly been …


…five years? holy crap I need to get my finger out!