Seasons Greetings

Just wanted to wish everybody best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. :santa:


:wink: Excited to see what Pinegrow brings in 2017 (v3) :heart::evergreen_tree:

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Sorry, My New Jumper is too small… is this the returns section?

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Bactcha, and thanks to the community for being so helpful:)

here you go, xmas cheer for mac users!

you have to share the link socially, or copy the link they give you after you sign in or sign up then download your 10 free apps! Air Radar is sexy.
and if you dont have a mac. ah well… never mind. go buy a bananna or something :slight_smile:

@schpengle, sometimes in reading your posts I think this must be your iPhone case. :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ho ho HIC!..HO … :slight_smile: … Hic!

and have some more freebies for Xmas.

Graphicy arty things :slight_smile:
Oh, isnt this time of year Fabulous :slight_smile:
ho ho ho

Learn HTML5 in 1 Hour.

It’s official, excited to see how Pinegrow matures further in 2017. Happy New Year everyone.

Here’s wishing to everyone here a much more productive and happy year for 2017 than it was last year! Happy New Years everyone!

And here’s hoping that my New Year’s resolution is that I learn how to effectively use Pinegrow and therefore learn HTML and CSS much better! Being part of a forum that is helpful is very much a key to making something like this happen.