Happy New Year & Happy Birthday!

Last year was a great Pinegrow year, and I’m pretty sure this year will also be fantastic with a lot of Pinegrow magic. Thank you Pinegrow team, and all the best wishes !!!
@matjaz @mhdaljuboori @Emmanuel

From one celebration to another, and a very nice one we can’t forget and need to give a little attention. I still got my Pinegrow Party Hat on, because I knew this day was coming…

Happy Birthday Pinegrow, with your 5th birthday today !!!



Thanks @Marf :slight_smile:

Keep your party hat on! Pinegrow will throw a celebration soon, as soon as 5.1 release is ready & polished.


Five years?
are you kidding me?

nah! it cant be surely.

I remember entering the Pinegrow Competition… this is my 3rd xmas here.
When I was doing the competition, it was before the first one. in a tiny room, with mould on the walls and rain coming in to the light switch through the ceiling that would electrocute you when you came home in the dark…

So surely this is the 3d… fourth. year?

mmmm not sure. I think that was on version 2.xx then…
I still have 1.27 or suchlike installed… wow So I’m not sure how long that was after 1.xx… maybe? really?
Five years


man…hasn’t my web …empire…reallly been …


…five years? holy crap I need to get my finger out!

When we take a look at the calendar, we see that it’s today Jan 8!
Which means… PARTYTIME !!! :partying_face:

Happy Birthday Pinegrow with the 6th birthday!


Thanks Pinegrow Team for keep maintaining and updating Pinegrow with all the updates and improvements. Even also the little ones that seems maybe not always important, but can make life much easier. A very big THANK YOU.
@matjaz @mhdaljuboori @Emmanuel


Good lord!

Another year? Already?
wow… and ive been soooo successful with it.
Damn… must try harder :slight_smile:

ok, Happy Birthday all in PG Land.

Thanks Marf! Party time.

All emoji cakes and drinks are on us!!!


In truth, and some of you already know the story, Pinegrow is a bit older but he has lived secretly for a while making it a true pioneer in the field of code editors with wysiwyg/visual capabilities.

Here is a video of his debut posted by Matjaz on Friday, August 26th 2011 at 08:43 (EST)

Nice old video!

Yes, I knew the “Pinegrow Project” existed longer, didn’t know exactly for how long.
But January 8th 2014, was the birth of Pinegrow v1.0 (stated on your own blogpost).

Cool and impressive to see how it evolved over the years, from seen in that Pinegrow Screencast video.
From a great idea with a certain vision, till the professional Desktop App it’s today, with all the many rich and easy to use features. Well done Pinegrow Team, be proud !!!

(I guess January 8th is still the official Birthday, or do we have to party and celebrate from now on, on another day…)

@Marf No change in the birthday date as it corresponds to the official public and commercial launch of Pinegrow. :evergreen_tree:

Because we are a tiny company, we are often questioned about the sustainability of our business over time, so to be honest, my precision had no other purpose than a bit of pride :sunglasses: and to better situate Pinegrow on a timeline on which other related products or services do not hesitate to claim the historical firstness as well as the paternity of a concept or idea. :roll_eyes:

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yeah i first read about it on hackernews, after seeing a deal for it on mighty deals.


New year, same day !!! :wink:
Just like previous year(s), I can’t let this “special” day pass without saying it (out loud)… Soooo…

Happy Birthday Pinegrow with the 7th birthday !!! :partying_face: :star_struck: :mask:


Thanks Pinegrow Team for keep maintaining and updating Pinegrow with all the updates, improvements and high quality tutorials. @matjaz @mhdaljuboori @Emmanuel @RobM @abirana


Thanks @Marf! I actually forgot about it :slight_smile: You’re now official Senior Engineer for Keeping Track of PG Birthday :cake:


Thank you @Marf for the mention, I didn’t actually knew this

Happy 7th Birthday Pinegrow :partying_face: :cake: wish you to grow even more as the year goes by

I’m really glad to be working for Pinegrow and it’s users; I really hope to continue that for as long as possible

Felt like, how great it would have been with a physical meeting with even a small celebration or like a meetup???

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I’ve thought this too.
Any PineGrow users in South Wales?

Er, other than me

POST covid madness I guess
And?..its Yet another birthday!

Incredible, keep living the dream @matjaz and Co.

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Oh my, that’s a serious responsibility!
I hope I don’t forget, I hope I don’t forget, I hope I don’t forget…

Happy Birthday Pinegrow with the 8th birthday !!! :partying_face: :star_struck:


Thanks Pinegrow Team for keep maintaining and updating Pinegrow with all the updates, improvements and high quality tutorials. @matjaz @mhdaljuboori @Emmanuel @RobM @abirana @ehigiepaul


Thank you @Marf :slight_smile: You are doing a great job with birthday tracking!

We will organize a proper birthday party a bit later, when we have some updates to share.


wow… 8 years?

Holy crap.
I can still remember sitting in my friends spare box room, with water running down the mouldy walls… into the light switch…

Entering the PineGrow Licence Competition…


Uber ConGraTuLaTioNs!

Happy Birthday Pinegrow with the 9th birthday !!! :partying_face: :star_struck:


Thanks Pinegrow Team for keep maintaining and updating Pinegrow with all the updates, improvements and high quality tutorials.

A Happy New Year and congratulations with Pinegrow v7 and the new Pinegrow Wordpress Plugin.

Thanks @matjaz and @Emmanuel and all others ( @MhdAljuboori @RobM @abirana @ehigiepaul @Akayy ) that are part of the Pinegrow team or actively involved somehow in the development of the Pinegrow products !!!

(I lost track on who is actively involved at the moment, probably and very likely I forgot to tag and mention someone! If you are involved and part of the team, thanks for everything you do for Pinegrow and the Pinegrow team).


Thank you @Marf for your annual reminder! We will celebrate in January with many cool surprises :birthday:

For those who don’t know, @Marf is the CBO (Chief Birthday Officer) of Pinegrow :slight_smile: