OH yes!

The One… has arrived,
it’s walking amongst us… let us see how "The One (er, welll, the fifth I guess)



(Yeah, I know, the link says *Older versions…but …its FIVE…honest :slight_smile: )

and Good Morning @matjaz, @MhdAljuboori and @Emmanuel

Well done :slight_smile: *oh and wives, kids dogs and pinehounds )

My first thoughts… downloaded and played with it for about 1/2 hour.

  1. Focus on feature
    TBH, I don’t know if I’ll ever use it. Maybe I just don’t fully grasp the benefit of this feature? I can’t say I care for the implementation - the way it injects a horizontal space and shifts the entire display down… feels kinda “hackish.” But I realize that screen real-estate is an issue when you don’t have (hint, hint) MULTI-MONITOR SUPPORT.

  2. Inline style icon in the tree and other CSS improvements
    I like it. I can see this being useful. It’s not an earth-shattering addition, but useful. Since I rarely use inline styles, I doubt I’ll use the new feature that allows you to transfer them to a regular external stylesheet very much. Overall, I like the other CSS styling improvements.

  3. The disable (really not disabling but rather hiding) stylesheets feature
    Useful. Not sure how much I’ll use this though. I don’t like how it uses the same “eyeball” icon as the disable rules icon, since they do two very different things. I’d go with a different icon.

  4. Project Panel features
    Dragging images should come in handy. Stylesheets and scripts less so, but I guess drag and drop is the rage these days.

  5. Tree panel filter
    Seems neat, but again, not sure how much I’ll use this (or what I’d use it for.) I like that you can use the arrows to navigate! This may prove to be more useful once I really play with it.

I know there are a bunch of other small changes that I’ll have to explore when I have more time to get into this update.

Personally, I was really hoping to see multi-monitor support with this version (sniff) :disappointed_relieved: but I’m still excited about using all these new features.



I also don’t understand the purpose or need for the added “W” ?

The Pinegrow Logo is logical, that’s typical for branding, along with the provided tooltip which allows people to know they can visit the main site if desired. But what is the point of the added errant “W” ?

In addition too seemingly not having any real added purpose, the “W” simply looks bad and out of place.

I thought the W was an ad for the wordpress version? because you can’t make any kind of website if it is not wordpress because wordpress is just how you do things and if it is not a wordpress site well you just can’t have one.

I do not use wordpress and have no plans to ever start using wordpress and the sales push to promote their wordpress features is starting to turn me off of the program. It’s too prevelant in your face in 4.91 and now 5. I will NOT be upgrading to the wordpress version, stop harassing me about it.

If they are trying to turn this into wordpress editor I will no longer be using the software.

People that use wordpress primarily do NOT have the basics of html, css and of course no idea about JavaScript. Pinegrow is a tool for those with a middle of the road to advanced understanding of the basics of the underlying code that makes up a web page. Yes it makes things easier to implement from a visual design perspective and they are pushing the visual design aspect pretty good. BUT to focus entirely on ONE platform is a huge mistake and is turning me off of the software.

Yes, they have the wordpress version but for god sake, stop pushing it in the interface that I must upgrade to it or use wordpress so damn much. I will NOT be using it and don’t want too…

That is a large reason why I did not and will not be buying renewal licenses for Pinegrow. Don’t market to me while I am using the tool I paid to use.

Let’s calm down or I’ll end up thinking that global warming has a particular influence on topics related to some of Pinegrow’s most anecdotal features! :slight_smile:

There is no plan to transform Pinegrow into a dedicated WordPress app, the W is just the first “brick” of the future evolution of Pinegrow tools.

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I think I understand your frustration but one thing is for sure, the ability to easily create WordPress themes from simple HTML files introduced with Pinegrow 2 in april 2015 is a totally innovative and unrivalled feature and represents a major business asset for Pinegrow.

This does not mean in any way that it will take precedence over the other expected features, whether minor or major, but just that it contributes significantly to the sustainability of Pinegrow, all versions combined.

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Though from a customer perspective, you have three versions. Basic… Pro… and Wordpress theme builder editions.

I chose the PRO version. Not the Wordpress version, I do not want the wordpress version. Why annoy me with this in the interface?

Why can I just be happy with the PRO version and not have… Here… get the wordpress version… Here… WORDPRESS… get it!.. That is my problem and annoyance.

Well, that is an interesting and rare feedback.
Can you elaborate (beyond the simple removal of the WordPress tab in the PRO version which I think is at the culprit of your frustration) the points that could contribute to no longer feel this impression?

This would allow us to better understand and consider areas for improvement in the future.

Until any “evolution” is in place does it make sense to include something in the app, like an errant “W” causing confusion and no apparent current need? Also I hope when the said “evolution” is properly in place, that something better than basic letters for the UI is utilized to convey whatever it is your trying to represent regarding tools or versions. I also hope in the future it does not distract from the logo or brand.

I whole heartily hope Pinegrow is not in the least amount resting on such a philosophy. As others are quickly coming and offering every feature Pinegrow possess.

One instance, supposedly CoffeeCup Software is bringing forth a “Wordpress Theme Builder” according to their main page. While they and others already have visual CSS Grid, Flexbox, Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.,

I’m certainly not advocating their apps or saying they are better in any way in comparison to Pinegrow.

But assuming Pinegrow does have “unrivaled features” (which seems subjective given frontend developers wide perception throughout the industry), choosing to not push the core app forward aggressively will be a major mistake as others come forth with various alternatives and rival features.

While regardless if Pinegrow is actually better in various ways, others will seemingly continue to do a better job of offering community awareness with marketing throughout the industry to make the industry aware of their products and features.

It seems the industry is still either largely unaware or remains confused with Pinegrows features and abilities, “unrivaled” or not. Which is too bad as its a great tool with endless “potential”, people just need to be made better aware of it throughout the industry.

This year will yield many apps that offer visual methods for various front end development.

These are coming fast and many, with clean code export. CSS Grid, Flexbox, etc.,

So feeling any app or process is “unrivaled” should be considered folly in an industry that evolves and moves so fast, with competition and alternatives always coming forth. I just hope the Pinegrow “core app” will keep up with various industry requirements. Again the Angular and Materialize versions are outdated in the app, is that considered innovative also? ;–)

:evergreen_tree: :hearts:

It is not a pedantic assertion nor the negation of the competition but the expression of the fact that to date, there is no similar integration for the creation of WordPress themes in the universe of webdesign applications and we are extremely proud to have largely innovated in this field and to have allowed many designers to approach the creation of WordPress themes more simply than ever.

Then I understand that you like to talk about Pinegrow’s evolution, what’s missing or what it would take to be even better. We always hear your very detailed feedback and you can be sure that we always consider it carefully.

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If @Terry44 frustrations comes from the addition of the W beside the Pinegrow logo instead would it be possible to have a different character display depending on which version of a user has and also have it link to tutorials, etc specific to the version (maybe a page on the website that displays articles or videos based on the features in Basic v Pro v WP). For example:

Pinegrow-Basic Pinegrow-WP Pinegrow-Pro

This approach might elevate the feeling @Terry44 is talking about and help integrate/streamline the connection between the version and the support documentation. Just a thought.

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Why have anything positioned directly against the logo? Branding .000101 understands this is a poor idea, ask any brand. ;–)


If you look here on the features section of PG’s homepage we even have a good starting point for each re: linking to articles

Yeah you’re right, @Rob.

I forgot Pinegrow like Coca-Cola has already likewise spearheaded a global brand and marketing initiative spanning 132 years and is recognized through the web industry as the de-facto leader of web software. The pinecone logo alone hearkens peoples minds globally to its brand of products. So yeah no need to adhere to any branding standards, since everyone the world over already recognizes Pinegrow as top of the heap throughout the industry as an identifiable an unequivocal brand. Its foolish at this point to need to establish clean awareness or brand identity anymore, since they’ve clearly made it with global awareness, just like Coca-Cola.

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This discussion is interesting and all ideas are welcome, whether good or not. It seems to me that anyone can contribute and that constructive exchange can exist without the need for sarcasm or lessons from others.

Note: Imho, I feel it is just sad, on a launch day, to discuss so much about a 40x40 px part of the UI :slight_smile:

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What is more sad is that on a launch day not a single tweet, or social media post was made by any of the developers or team about version 5’s release. I am sure Coke (since we are comparing) does the same when they release a new flavor or product. :–)


Its said … “pride and haughtiness comes before the fall”. Not saying that is the case here – but good luck with everything moving forward concerning Pinegrow, sincerely.

Sadly most would never know it, regarding their input, myself included. In closing the only reason I ever took time to provide input (detailed or otherwise) is to make suggestions that may make the product better for all, there was never anything selfish when I provided detailed input for the app and its developers. Just like CSS Gradients Link 1 & Link 2, not that anyone uses those nowadays :-), but it’s nice it made it “silently” into the app nonetheless.

Of which I am now choosing to be done providing said input and suggestions. So everyone can rejoice.

Well I guess the way I see it is that Coca-Cola is the company and the have a range of products that all have their own form of identity, much like Cadburys chocolate, every type of bar carries the Cadburys logo and then each have their own individual brand