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Happy Tuesday 1.16.18 Free Themes!

Hello Everyone,

Here are some decent freebee’s from Scoopthemes (MIT) I came across, that are open source and free to use anyway that you see fit from what I can tell. There are about nine themes 4 of which are pretty nice. Can definitely add to your resources for Pinegrow from these.



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Are these a new outfit? as the final button All Themes and Templates
gives the Ol’ 404 error.

And have you seen any nice free templates for a simple online shop/ with paypal BIN buttons etc? no backend, all javascript/css in the browser?
OH yes, free would be nice :slight_smile:

Nah it seems like an MIT project that went stale afterward hence the 404 error on the all themes button at the bottom. There are 4 themes on there however worth downloading for resources/blocks.

You’ve seen this correct?

jQuery Shopping Carts

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One more.

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Happy days :slight_smile: I shall explore! CHeers @vrooney

I have been looking at


which led too…

I was worried because they were sorted of dated and discontinued -but, they are contemporary with that jquery shop cart link you sent, so hey ho! they may not be so dated after all.

Ok, watch this space.
Cheers all