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I have created a marketplace for Pinegrow Plugins and Add ons which I will officially launch soon

Right now can only add free plugins but plan to add the ability to sell plugins in the coming weeks before launching. There are no plugins uploaded yet but I will add some over the coming weeks. The site is not finished yet so there are still some bugs and things to improve. .

I created this as I have a few, mostly free plugins, I want to launch and this was an easier way to get them out there.

Anyone who is interested in using the site to display their work is welcome to join and I can help with any issues.

Thoughts and ideas welcome


@benhanna hi. Just checked out the site. I like the idea and I wish you luck with it.


Thanks Rob, all the best


Neat concept for the Pinegrow community, looking forward to see its launch and continued progression.


in our country we don’t have paypal so what other option we can have to recieve payment of sale ?


@itsmeleo Yes I am aware paypal wont work for everyone and looking into it at moment. Do you have any suggetions? I was planning to look at adding skrill later…


@benhanna good luck with this.

If you think about how popular web templates are, yet what is the main problem for people who buy templates? they can’t customise them! This makes Pinegrow the perfect software for template buyers, so maybe once you have more templates on offer, especially bootstrap (it’s what people google search for) it will drive traffic to your website.


Thanks @Jack_Clarity . Yes I agree, and I will be adding some bootstrap themes I made, beginning with some basic conversions I made a long time ago of free ones which is how I learned to start creating plugins for PG. Then a few original, more complex and bigger ones with cool extras I use for quickly prototyping clients websites.


@benhanna looking forward seeing your complex plugins.

I’m working on a few templates and soon a block kit, so I’ll upload one template and if it’s up to the standard of startbootstrap, you can offer it for free within your marketplace.



Sounds good look forward to seeing it. Block kits are something I would love to see and I am working on some of these also. You should be able to sign up and add free plugins at monent (UX might not be perfect yet and maybe some bugs), they need to be manually approved, and I will add the ability to sell on there very soon as well.


@benhanna I know developers such as @itsmeleo & @heliherrera who have been looking to sell block kits & plug-ins.

Maybe some block kits could be sold as themes, such as
and so on, so instead of someone buying a fashion template, they could purchase a block kit ready to build a complete fashion website?

Anyway, will register once I have put something together.


Hi @Jack_Clarity, @benhanna thanks for mentioning I find this very good and interesting, and wish good luck to @benhanna with your market, I hope to be able to sell some of my themes over there.
At the moment I’m working on a few UI Kits and themes and some graphics, for Affinity Designer,
That I will sell premium and free resources on my own site that is under construction at the moment.
Https:// but I want to codify and sell as blocks and maybe plugins, I do not know yet.

A look at what it will look like


Looking good @heliherrera

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Thank`s @Jack_Clarity

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Thanks @Jack_Clarity, this is exactly how I was thinking in regards to themes/ Templates/ Block Kits, as this is the kind of thing I have been looking for myself. At moment I have a more general premium Block kit with 150+ Blocks almost ready to put up there to see how things go first.

@heliherrera Thanks a lot, will let you know when the site is ready as still lots of work to do on design and functionality side. Best of luck also with you site and I downloaded the blocks good work.

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@benhanna this has been my focus, simple block kits, because really that is all people need. Most people who download block kits and templates, don’t understand how to fix layout issues.

They don’t need the plug-ins or half of the blocks and most of the templates on themeforest are terrible in terms of layout/speed. I’ve downloaded a few of their freebies and they full of bloat.

The way I’m building my block kits, is each block is setup correctly for every device and if someone downloads the block kit for a fashion website, its practically ready to go live, just depends on their logo and fixing the colour scheme.

While I’m also considering selling my block kits with a content management system installed, so they can download for free but pay a fee to download the template version (with their choice of blocks) with a static CMS installed.

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HI Ben, does the contact form download ok with yourself? I keep getting an error and when trying to right click and save link as I just get an index.php file, whereas my download manager shows it as a .zip file, but I cant download this.



I have opened the site to sellers (you can also add free downloads of course)

I will go over any uploads from sellers and edit and format the descriptions and images, apart from that there should be no issues adding a plugin or template its pretty straightforward.

If any one has an issue with paypal payments I am sure can work something out if they have any recommendations for an alternative

It would be worth following the Pinegrows team recommendations for Blocks

For example, specific CSS rule naming, like <my_plugin>_some_class etc.

As a start, here are some of our initial ideas:

Code quality, HTML & CSS quality and Maintainability = key points (Easy editing, Framework upgrade, JS components upgrade)

  • 100% Created with Pinegrow Web Editor.
  • When using existing HTML templates, licenses and usage limits must be strictly specified.

Coding rules:

  • Bootstrap or Foundation
  • Use of clean HTML5 structure & semantic
  • Assistive technology compliant (accessibility)
  • BEM compliant CSS
  • Flexbox instead of floats to control the alignment, direction, order, and size of boxes
  • SASS source files with comments when needed

Animations & gimmicks:

  • CSS preferred
  • Minimal use of dedicated JavaScript > only when really necessary

Interesting documents:


HTML5 semantic




Hi, @benhanna that looks great!

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That strange smooth-scroll modifier is killing the experience, at least for me.