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Header 3 - hamburger menu icon colour



I’m not clear how to change the colour of the hamburger menu icon in the Bootstrap Blocks Header 3 block. As far as I can see it’s not a glyph, and I’ve looked and tried lots of different things to try to change it unsuccessfully.

Any help appreciated.




Have a look at this on stack overflow re changing color of hamburger it might help


Thanks for the prompt reply Rob. I tried using the selector mentioned in post (.navbar-default .navbar-toggle .icon-bar) but it ended up changing the background colour of the button - ie. it became not transparent.

I have managed to get it to work though - I found that changing the selector below following has had the desired effect:

  • #header-3 #nav-toggle span, #header-3 #nav-toggle span:before, #header-3 #nav-toggle span:after

I’ve created custom css using this selector which I think was the right thing to do…?

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