How to display woocommerce product categories

I have tried to make a loop to display woocommerce product categories. I haven’t managed to do it with the “normal loop” with an own query. I can display categories in a list but I would like to use loop to display them.

Are you able to use the Woocommerce Shortcode for categories with the WP’s do_shortcode action?

Thank you. Shortcodes are ok. But if I want to use Bootsrap to modify which information to show, like:

Title Thumbnail Description xxxxx

How to do that?
You can do a query and loop in Pinegrow to display Woocommerce products, but is it possible to use Pingrow loop -tool to display Woocommer categories?

Sorry, I know it can be done but I’ve never done that before so I don’t know off the top of my head.

WooCommerce is a complex beast, and Pinegrow does not currently provide any specific feature or helper for this plugin.

You should have a look at online tutorials like this one or this one and benefit from these examples to try to integrate the feature within your theme.

On top of visual features from Pinegrow, hand coding will be mandatory for this one.