Some questions Woo plugin

First, of all what a great job you guys did with the woo plugin, it’s awesome and even more than what I had hoped for. The woo tutorial is also one of the best pinegrow tutorials out there and with a lot of nice tricks i even did not know was possible in pinegrow after using it for years such as the awesome way to handle variables with blocks.

However now after playing around with it for a while I have some questions.

  1. Is there a way to make a block to use as the categories widget for the store? Now the widget is unstyled and looks horrible and it would be nice to get your own design just the same way as with the search widget. Is there a way to do it now or is the only way to style it with custom CSS? It would be much better if i could make a custom block that’s already styled instead of adding my own CSS to style the widget.

  2. Is there a way to make a query to get all categories for the List of categories block?
    Now you got to remember the categories and add them in a comma-separated list but it would be much better to have them in a dropdown and click them to make a selection instead of manually typing them in a list. A bit like the Show products block where you select a product but then it fetches the list of all categories so you just click to select them.

  3. Is the only way to style the cart with custom CSS for now?

  4. Is the only way to globally change the default color of woo in pinegrow? An example, now the cart button is the purple color and it’s the same with the filter by price widget but say i want them all to be yellow, is there a simple way to do this instead of styling each item?

To show an example of what i would like to make as a product category block in the sidebar then here is a nice product categories widget. Winkel - Digitale Weegschalen - Digitale Weegschaal kopen? Dat doe je bij ons! (

I want to replicate that product category menu in my store as a block.

Thanks @beatngu!

There seems to be an issue with WP not adding editor stylesheet in the new Widget block editor during editing. This only affects the display during editing, though. The front end should display correctly.

By default, Show Categories action shows all categories. If you only need top level, set Show subcategories and set parent to 0. At the moment, there is no control for selecting individual categories. We could add it if needed.


The easiest way would be to take WC SASS files and redefine color values there. Just make sure not to change those files directly because that would make it hard to update styling for new WC versions.

With the current PG WC features you could make a custom styled block that displays a flat cats list (without collapsable subcategories). You could also use a regular PGWP action List Categories that uses WP to output a term tree structure and define CSS rules for its classes to get the design you need. PG Interactions or custom JS could be added to make the list expandable.

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