How to make this animation when scrolling?

Hi all, help please. How to make this animation when scrolling?

You want this on scroll right?

Tricky thing here is the position. Do you want it to stay like where it is shown right now? Because it would best to do this wen that blue section reaches the top.

I wanted it to close in the middle of the screen, but how to do it and did not understand.

Hi @Dz163

I have no clue what your animation is, but maybe this helps with explaining how to animate on scroll:


Would this solution with only HTML and CSS meet your needs?


I’m not sure if I’m getting it correctly, but looking at your screen record, this should be what you are looking for. And one main issue it can be with your design is that, height of 1st and 2nd section will be pretty high, and it should cross the browser height. So it is best if both section can appear in one view, like in my example.

And to know how it is done, check the scroll scene interaction settings.

You can check it separately in your browser here Dz163 Scroll Effect | Pinegrow Online