Huge bug in Interactions on Mac



I can replicate this Interactions bug on 2 different Macs!

Add a interaction to a element and your working code is:

 <div class="row pt-lg-3" data-pg-ia='{"l":[{"name":"FadeInUp","trg":"now","on":"desktop","a":"fadeInUp"}]}’>

Now when you click edit animation and just touch the animation track or dubbel click or adjust one little thing a huge load of code appears in your project that looks like this and nothing was set by me!:

 <div class="row pt-lg-3" data-pg-ia='{"l":[{"name":"FadeInUp","trg":"now","on":"desktop","a":{"l":[{"t":"","l":[{"t":"set","p":0,"d":0,"l":{"autoAlpha":0,"y":"100%"},"e":"Power1.easeOut"},{"t":"tween","p":0,"d":1,"l":{"autoAlpha":1,"y":"0%"},"e":"Power1.easeOut"}]}]}}]}'>

And gives problems in my project. Restart reload nothing helps and only the unedited presets are working!

The app is very unreliable and works sometimes but mostly gives problems and you have to start all over again.


Hi @AllMediaLab that is the intended behavior:

  1. Select one of the animation presets, for example FadeInUp
  2. Click on Edit animation
  3. The preset animation is shown in the timeline editor
  4. Make a change to the animation. The animation is no longer a preset animation, it is not FadeInUp anymore. Rather, it is a custom animation that needs to be stored in the data-pg-ia attribute.

To go back to FadeInUp preset, select it from the animation list again.

Example - preset is customized:

Example - reverting to a preset:

@matjaz Hi,

The code is changing by opening the panel only! You have to look in the code view and then open the panel do nothing and the code appears! That’s the problem.

@AllMediaLab as far as I see that only happens after the animation is changed. Can you post a video of that happening?

The preset code:

The random produced code:

Nothing is edited in the panel (Windows and Mac) just open and close it if you don’t see it!
This is tested on 2 macs and one windows 10 computer!

@AllMediaLab true, that happens if you click on an underlined numeric value which is interpreted as drag to set value → animation change. Will check if this can be prevented.

No it also happens by just opening the panel! I have been busy with it all day yesterday until I had a look in the code view. That code makes no sense and screws up the animation. That’s the reason I had so many problems with editing the custom animation.
All edited animations show artefacts because of that!

If the animations are edited (changed in any way), the behavior is correct.

This is what I see: simply opening the Edit transform (by not clicking on the underlined numeric value) doesn’t change the animation. Dragging the transfrom, for example, changes it.

A video would be very helpful here.


I have to do that after the weekend (The Video) because I have a busy schedule today, but you can see it clearly on this image (the random code appeared, but no parameter is changed neither in the “edit parameter panel” or in the Interactions panel and in the animation tracks) It happens only by opening the panel no parameter is changed! I will post a video on Monday.

@AllMediaLab just to make sure we are on the same page, the current known problem is that clicking on the number triggers change, while clicking elsewhere on transform does not. This will be fixed.

@matjaz Hi,

Thanks for the fast support! This has driven me mad!
Sorry that I could not respond earlier, but I think you are right about the issue and I hope it’s fixed soon!
I use Interaction on a huge project and need to finish the animations.


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@AllMediaLab the issue with clicking on the value has been fixed in 6.6.

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@matjaz Hi,
Thanks for the quick fix, going to try it on Monday!