Img Src defaults to file address on computer

Every time I insert an image it references the address on my drive (file:///…) Is there an option to have it just use the img address so I don’t have broken links on my server. Right now I’m manually updating everything. Thanks!

Hi there, @SGTSOB, have you tried, saving your sites local directory in Pinegrow as a project
(just open project in Pinegrow then navigate to your sites directory) with all our files saved in an Images or assets directory etc.

Pinegrow should then save them as relative links, not absolute ones to a specific file directory on your HDD… If im right.

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Hi Schpengle, unfortunately it doesn’t do that. I have the project saved with everything organized in the folder and it keeps linking to the full windows directory. If I just drag and drop an image I have to click on it’s properties and relink it to have it work properly.

mmm , I seem to remember someone else posting this on here too. I will have a look for you now.
mmm No I cant find it. but I have come across this before. I think that was windows too. I cant. find it now, I shall have another look shortly.

Thanks for the help!

Well, sorry my help was less than spectacular, I couldn’t find the info I was looking for, but I have definitely seen this before and I thought it was the use as a project thing that sorted it, but I could be wrong. I shall check out the other docs now, the older ones.


Check this lot out, these are from the OLDER PINEGROW DOCS

this link should really be saved here as there is /are a LOAD of useful stuff there for OLDER versions,
but quite often, the principles still apply , even though Pinegrow is now smarter.

But if you have quirky stuff, check them out.

here you go!

broken Image path relative to css/sass compile folder

OLD BETA DOCS< for old version of pinegrow but explains the same

Older version docs, but this might be it?

The principles are the same, if you SAVE THE PAGE FIRST

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Hi there, let me know if any of that is relevant/useful. Its gone 3am here, and I’m on something else now but hey, let me know.

And, Happy Xmas!
if you do such stuff :slight_smile:

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