Inserting link moves image to the right

Trying to add a link to an image physically moves the image on the page/grid, basically treating the link as its own element. This seems to happen whether I use the transform ->add link command, properties panel, or hand-coding the link in the html. The image does become a link but also jumps to the right, always. (now using version 5.7)

Edit- managed a workaround by adding a ‘float left’ property to the image, but I still never had this issue in other web editors.

Hi Brad,
Can you show the HTML? Are you working in Bootstrap 4? Wrapping an image in a ‘‘a’’ tag doesn’t work to well on mobile devices with touch screen (but it shouldn’t move the element), because as soon as you touch the image the link gets activated. What I do is make the image in a position relative element and a position absolute button on top. On mobile devices you can still scroll the image without touching it. The button can also be a partly overlay with a transparant color of course.

Hi David, thanks for the reply. I am working in Bootstrap 4. See attached screenshot:

Basically I’m just trying to make the logo image a homepage link. The link becomes its own element and pushes the image to the right. Is this a Bootstrap thing? Applying float left to the image fixes it, but I never had to do that before.

Could you upload the html for this page. Have you tried changing the numbers in this line from style=“grid-area:1 / header2 / 2 / 2;” to something style=“grid-area:1 / header2 / 1 / 1;” or a variation of it *style=“grid-area:1 / header2 / 1 / 2;”*and see if this changes anything.

Other possibility is that there is some css at work changing the alignment.

Hi Rob, thanks for the input, I think I figured it out-
I’m working with on a css grid with two columns, left was set to 1fr, right was auto (I have specifically sized iframe content in the right content). When I set both to 1fr the logo image with link moved back to the right.
I’m still figuring out the mechanics of CSS grid layout, still in the mindset of exact div positioning. Looks like I need to trust the grid more to put stuff where it needs to be.

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@Mr.Brad I feel your pain with figuring out css grid and it is a shift in thinking when it comes to layouts but I believe it will be worth it.