Inserting Links

Why did you remove the ability to insert Links by right clicking? That seems crazy… There is current no way to insert a link without hand writing it in code:/

Right click > Insert > Text > Link

You can also drag the link component from the library on to the page or the tree.

Nope, it isn’t there.

That inserts a separate link not associated with what I am trying to link. An neither does this work…

yes, I had the same issue, so at this moment, when I need a link, I create a line of text for the desired link and double click to edit it and from this instance you can add the link. this is my workaround till the devs fix the issue.

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Yes thanks, I am just adding the code by hand:) Which seems so ridiculous:)

OK, I see now, if the text is already Linked, you do not get the option to link. You have to start with fresh unlinked text. OK I get it.

Printninja is correct, you can drag a link instance from the component library directly to the page. I just did it and can confirm it.


edit: I also wanted to add that I have no problem right clicking > Insert > Text > Link either.