Interaction like in webflow

Hello I am beginner and am just trying myself in Pinegrow and Webflow. A question has arisen for me. Can I also build interactions in Pinegrow like in Webflow or is another technique used here? I am here about the creation of a navigation menu and I try the design in 4 divs. Each DIV contains an image (visible) and another DIV contains a text (invisible). When I click on a DIV, the text appears. If I click on the next one, the text closes, the image appears again and with the current DIV the text etc. appears now. Can anyone give me some tips here? Thank you

Post your code or a link to your project. It’s hard to understand what you’re asking from this description.

Sorry about the late answer. I had taken a few days off digitally. I created this menu with the interactions in Webflow:

From the first description I can only show screens. There are 5 navigation points. If I click on the respective hamburger menu, the invisible div with the content becomes visible. If I click on the next one, the current div closes and the next invisible div is displayed and so on.

This appears to be similar in behavior to the Bootstrap Accordion component. The divs are just displayed horizontally instead of vertically.

I was actually noticing the functional similarity between the code you posted for randy, my suggestion and this request too.

Not sure about how it would work for the clicking on a mobile device, whether the hover psudoclass might be handy too.


and here

as well as what @Printninja just said… which I don’t know much about, so shall mumble quietly and slip away into the darkness…

Thank you very much for the quick help. I will now deal with the 3 things (HTML, CSS and Java). With Pinegrow and VS Studio you have good tools.