Interactions and animation

Hello all, I am talking Pinegrow for a test drive. Great app!
Been able to see the code in real time is just great and the CSS grid implementation… fantastic. Is there any plan to integrate animations and interactions of some level to the app?
I come from webflow and the things that their “interaction and animation” allow you to do is just great. It generates clean code and you can export it as-well. Downside, is an online tool only.
Any chance Pinegrow works on this direction? It might drive hundreds of wf users here. And yes I code too.

It’s not the most polished plug-in, but it works.

Looks nice, but I can’t find where it states support for latest ver of this software. I will try to get in touch with the plugin dev team though it looks to me (hope not) more like a dead project…
I will try to ask Pinegrow support if integrating something like this is somewhere in their roadmap.
Thank you for replying Printninja.

Hi there, @tohotysuka yep it works on this version, is created as a side project/plugin, by one of the Pinegrow devs.

Ok cool, thanks. I contacted the dev anyway, see if they are planning to maintain it in the future. Thanks. You guys think Pibegrow will ever integrate something like this?

Doubtful, unless animation becomes a standard part of one of the frameworks supported by Pinegrow.

Got it…
Though I wonder how webflow got everything working together? they are based on bootstrap…
Anyway thanks for your kind reply…
good luck people!

Webflow uses its own framework, not Bootstrap. They use Tram for animations along with proprietary code.

Pinegrow supports any animation library you want to add to it, though it won’t provide visual tools. Or you can just use plain CSS. The Animator-pro plug-in works even though it has some quirks.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of animations on websites unless they add something to the UX. Soft transitions with fades can be nice, as long as they don’t slow things down. Movement can grab attention, but movement for movement’s sake is more of a fad than a useful feature. I see a lot of template sites nowadays where everything is flying in, and fading in during scrolls, and I don’t think it really adds to the user experience. Just uses up CPU cycles.

You could also just have. play around with good ol



A nice Video to show how
You wont have any nice pretty guy stuff for this, but you will have access to the code and css code to add it.

Thank You Printninja.
Strategic animation and interaction is part of modern web design, I believe. user-focused digital experiences that engage and inform in a simpler way… Don’t care much about CPU cycles if the client pays 3 or 4k for a flyer that pops out of the screen and says “click me” while you scroll down and less important things scale down and get out of your way … You know what I mean.
In the past, I have used some JavaScript scroll libraries like scrollmagic together with visual studio code but it was a slow process…
Anyway, I will surely try the animator plugin and hope it gets the job done. This app is great. Like a Jaguar but with no radio… :wink:

Hey, anyone know this guys from Animator Pro plugin…the developer? is not responding to people’s queries here or from his contact support mail.Very Very unprofessional. Pg should chose and integrate an animation library( gsap maybe?) and make visual controls. For now my trial period is over. I will get back here in a year or so. It remains a very capable an interesting tool but…

That is @MhdAljuboori, he is also part of the Pinegrow Team as developer.
The AnimatorPro Plugin is a side project from him.

Also have a look on this (just released this week by @benhanna).

Based on CSS3 Animate it , it lets you easily animate elements in your project as the user scrolls, as well as on click events.

The AnimatorPro Plugin is a side project from him.

Well, he charges money for it, so he should at least respond to his customer’s inquiries. I also found him to be unprofessional - ironic when his plug-in has “pro” in its name.

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Totally agree on that!
Always be and act professional and take clients and potential clients serious.

With “side project” I tried to explain that he does this besides his main activities and involvement in the Pinegrow app. And that he is not “somebody” that developed a plugin, but that he is also a developer on the Pinegrow app (close to the source).

(maybe I have expressed myself a bit wrong)