Is anyone using pinegrow and then transforming it to react?

I was wondering if anyone has created a page in pinegrow to create the layout and look and then successfully transformed it to react? I have been trying out frontity which works well with wordpress and would like to create everything in Pinegrow and then transform it to frontity/react. It would be great to hear if anyone has such a workflow and is working well.

I do it with Vue once in a while. It’s working fine for me, as I am not doing it for commercial matters.

Do you make it a headless wordpress or dynamic or is it hardcoded? I would like to create the look and layout with Pinegrow and then create components for react out of it. It seems doable but the workflow is a little strange. Since one can’t just create a page and change a bit to work in react, one has to change everything since react is mainly components from each part so it is quite a lot of work. How is your workflow?